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Why selling your property to Everton Homes​

Depending on the age, condition and size of your property you may get more money from selling your house/property to Everton homes than if you were to renovate and sell it on the market. Not to mention that you would not have to go through additional hassle and expense of renovation.

Another important benefit is that we accommodate the needs of our sellers – we can purchase your property while you continue living in it and looking for a new property to move to.

How the process work

  1. You contact us for a no obligationoffer. We evaluate your property confirming that itworks for us and give you the offer. This may take from a few hours to a couple ofdays.
  2. If you accept the offer we negotiate the remaining details of how soon you’d like toclose on the sale and howlong you would like to stay in the property after theclosing.
  3. We send you a straightforward contract to sign. We can go over it with you andexplain everything to the letter.
  4. We open escrow with Ticor Title, one of the most reputable and largest national titlecompanies.
  5. On a closing date the tile company will arrange for the signing.
  6. Typically you will get your proceeds the next day.
Selling Your Home Process

How to start

You may simply call or text us at 425-577-1101.

Or fill out the form below.

Selling Your Home

Preferred method of contacting:

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